History Of the S.K.K.K

The S.K.K.K (formally the ESRKK) was formed in November 2007 when Kevin Shihan resigned as Deputy Worldwide Chief Instructor from Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International (SSKI) as a result of some issues that he felt were affecting his students and his Karate in a negative way. It was a difficult decision to leave SSKI as Kevin Shihan is a strong believer in the Martial concept of Giri (loyalty) to ones Association and also to ones Sensei. The decision proved to be the right one for Kevin Shihan and his groups.

In November 2007 the association started out with two small clubs, one at the Sidcup Dojo and one at Mayplace Road in Bexleyheath as was affiliated and insured to the Tradition Karate Great Britain (TKGB) Governing Body of which Kevin Shihan held the position of Chairman from December 2007 through to January 2009. During this period the Association consisted of three lead Instructors, Kevin Shihan, Sheila Thurlow Sensei and Christine Young Sensei. The other Dan grades assisting at the time were Amy Jones Sensei and also Luke Waite Senpei and Chris O’Brien Senpei. In 2009, the lead instructors decided to make the break from the TKGB and establish ESRKK as an Association in its own right, with the ability to licence and insure its own Dojo and students. From this point onwards, ESRKK continued to grow, going from the handful of students it had in 2007 to having close to 150 members. In 2010 Christine Sensei opened a new Dojo in Erith which had a strong following and was subsequently moved to the Townely Road Dojo in 2011.

2011 was an excellent year for ESRKK as it saw expansion to international status with the joining of the Hungarian Group, FFKE. This group joined the ESRKK after also splitting from their parent group (part of SSKI) and asking Kevin Shihan to become their Chief Instructor after he had trained with them in Hungary several times before. At this point ESRKK-I was born and there are now very strong links with Hungary, with joint training sessions and Gasshuku (training camps) several times each year. The joining of FFKE has significantly strengthened ESRKK as an association.

In 2011 ERSKK was accepted into the World JKA Karate Association (WJKA. These events in themselves firmly established ESRKK-I as a serious international standard association following the traditions of the WJKA and Nakayama Sensei. 2011 also saw the awarding of some of its first Dan grades in Karate as well as Kobudo.

The association continues to grow and in 2012 it saw the awarding of its first Sandan (3rd Dan) and Yondan (4th Dan) followed by its first Godan (5th Dan) in 2013. In 2013 ESRKK-I changed its name to the Shotokan-Ryu Karate Kyokai Kokusai to acknowledge that the group is no longer simply an English group and goes from strength to strength with a number of Dojo in Kent and Hungary and over 150 students.

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