Individual Membership

Within all S.K.K.K. Dojo, the first two lessons are always free to enable the student to get a feel for Karate before making any commitment to joining one of the associations Dojo. For insurance purposes, membership is required after the two free lessons and on payment of an initial membership fee (current prices available from your Dojo) the student will receive:

  • Insurance for karate training. (member to member and personal accident)
  • Membership, grading and course record book (Budo Pass_
  • Membership card
  • Copy of the association grading syllabus and student handbook

After the initial joining fee, a reduced annual renewal is payable.

Club or Group Membership

The S.K.K.K. as well as having individual membership to new students via one of its current Dojo, also offers an Affiliation Scheme to other groups and clubs that would like to licence to a reputable JKA style Shotokan Karate Association. Full details of this scheme is available from the Chief Instructor. all clubs and students will have access to the following:

  • Free membership for registered instructors
  • Access to Senior Dan grades for Kyu and Dan examinations
  • Access to full instructors training programme combining JKA style with modern NVQ based approaches
  • Regular referee training and courses
  • Regular Kobudo training and examinations
  • Regular team training for competition
  • Regular courses with top UK and Japanese instructors
  • Access to National and International competitions
  • Access to international events and courses

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